Bikini Bottom Brawlers

Join the Bikini Bottom Brawlers game, and be part of the best boxing competition ever! Use your skills to defeat all your opponents and become a champion!

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About Bikini Bottom Brawlers Game

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Gather all your strength, and prepare to compete in the exciting Bikini Bottom Brawlers game! The city of Bikini Bottom has opened its doors to a new boxing adventure! SpongeBob and his friends also enrolled in the fierce competition, and are waiting for you to help them battle for the first place!

Join the underwater characters on this great journey, and win the title of the best champion! The primary goal of the game is to fight your opponent and try to get him off the platform! If you fall, you will lose one of your four lives! The floating platforms are there to help you remain in your position, so, if you feel like falling, jump on them, and save your character! 

How to Play

When you first start the game, you need to choose between Practice Mode and Story Mode! The latter proposes to you a challengeable way to play against all the residents of Bikini Bottom! Enter this mode if you feel like you already know what to do and how to win!  

The first one offers you the opportunity to train and get used to the gameplay! Here you can practice your skills and become the best boxer in the city! In this mode, you can engage in a single fight against any of the characters featured in the Story Mode! You can also choose between three locations: Bass Vegas, Bikini Bottom Airport, and Chum Caverns! 

Once you start playing, press the Right and Left arrows to move your character around the platform! Press the Up key to jump, and the Down key to crunch! The buttons Z and X hold special attacks that you can use against your enemy! 

Also, press the Spacebar to attack your opponent! Other than that, you can use the Spacebar to pick up items that help you win the game!

Tips and Tricks

In Practice Mode, you can choose between SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Eugene, Squidward, and Sheldon. Every one of them has a set of different armors that help them in combat! For example, Sandy has her regular clothes, but also her Cheerleader outfit, amongst others! Choose the most interesting one and lead your character to success! 

Take care, and try not to fall off the platform! This will cause the game to end! 

Moreover, boxes will appear in every round you play! They contain different bonus items that make sure your opponent falls off the margin! Some of the power-ups are the Jellyfishes, that shock your enemy until they are knocked off. Also, the Bubble Wand shoots bubbles at your opponent to keep him away from you! 

The game provides many opportunities for you to defeat your adversary! Make sure you are paying attention to the instructions and win every round! Combine the characters to obtain different matches and outcomes! Play the Story Mode, and become the ultimate champion!