Squidward's Portrait Panic

Don't let the thieves get away in the Squidward's Portrait Panic game. Swim past the jellyfish to retrieve the stolen artworks, without getting stung!

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About Squidward's Portrait Panic Game

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Something tragic has happened in the Squidward's Portrait Panic game. Somebody stole lots of artworks from our SpongeBob character. This incredible loss cannot go unnoticed and neither unpunished. It is your time to give Squidward a little help to get back his belongings.

You should do your best to get back as many portraits as you can from those jellyfish thieves. They are such inconsiderate beings! Not once have they looked back to see if they did something wrong. Now Squidward must swim past them to retrieve his treasured belongings.

How to Play

For this rescue mission, you will not need any training or equipment. Your mouse should do just fine for this task. All you need to do is click anywhere on the screen to make Squidward flap his tentacles. This short movement will make him swim upwards, but only for a little! If you wish to swim further, you must do more fast clicks. Alternatively, you can also use your fingertip on the touchscreen for the same effect.

The complicated thing is that these jellyfish are not entirely defenseless. In fact, they can sting quite badly, so bad that once they get to you, you will lose the game! These being said, you should do your best to avoid them at all costs. 

You will find the missing portraits floating around near the jellyfish. To reclaim them, Squidward must swim to them and touch them. However, this can get pretty dangerous since the jellyfish keep the portraits close to them!

You should be aware that once you start swimming, there is no going back. You will be surrounded by dangerous jellyfish above as well as below. 

You have to remember, though, that, no matter how many paintings you manage to save, Squidward will be more than thankful to you! So do not worry yourself too much over them, just have fun!