The Great Nickelodeon Slime Rally

Prepare your very own Slime and race against time in The Great Nickelodeon Slime Rally game! Use your agility, jump over obstacles, and finish first!

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Get ready for an adrenaline-filled race in The Great Nickelodeon Slime Rally game! The city is renowned for its sports events, and this year the City Council is promising the best festivities so far! And what a better way to begin the sports season than with a racing contest, where everybody can bring its very own, home-made Slime for better speed?

There are Lincoln Loud from Loud House, SpongeBob, and Patrick, Phoebe Thunderman from The Thundermans, and Sage from Knight Squad. Captain Man and Charlotte from Henry Danger, Kenzie from The Game Shakers, and many other cartoons are also competing for the Slime title.

Your job is to help your dearest cartoons prepare the best Slime formula and win the contest. The more you will play, the more ingredients you'll find for your recipe! Unlock every continent and find the rarest of them! What do you say? Are you ready to enter the competition?

Create your own Slime Recipe!

The game is quite straightforward. You will only need the mouse to control your character. There are two playing modes you can choose: Story Mode and Head to Head Mode.

You can warm up and learn the basics in Story Mode. Your main goal is to slide down the racing track as fast as possible using your very own Slime recipe.  You can race around the world, collecting slimy ingredients, using your favorite Nickelodeon heroes.

Each character is different in terms of Boost power, Jumping height, and Flipping time, so make sure to choose the one that fits you best!

Now that you have entered the Slime Factory, you can create your own Super Racing Slime before starting the race. There are three machines from which you can choose the slime's core ingredients: the Slop, the Splodge, and the Gloop.

You can use the arrows on each machine to navigate through your available items.  When you are happy with your recipe, go ahead and click the Mix button. You can also click on the Slime Cupboard and choose a pre-made slime if you want to.

Race the world for ingredients!

Now that you've got your mix ready, let's hit the racing tracks, shall we? After the race starts, you will be able to use your mouse to guide your character.

To avoid obstacles in your way, you can click on the screen and make your character jump at the right time. To obtain more points or collect some mid-air items, you can hold the mouse pressed and do a flip. Careful, though, not to land back on your head.

Try to collect as many surprise jars on the way as possible. They contain hidden, secret ingredients. What is it gonna be? You'll find out in the Slime Factory!

In the Head to Head mode, you can race your best saved time or challenge a champion. You'll need to simply enter your best race's code in the bar below or hit the Challenge button to race against the world's top competitors!

Are you swift enough to beat the world's champion? You can see your time at the top of the page. How fast can you go down the slope? Let's find out!