The Great Snail Race

Help Gary win the Bikini Bottom's Cup in The Great Snail Race game! Jump over obstacles, use power-ups for speed, and be the fastest snail known to mankind!

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Gary, the Snail, is calling for your assistance in The Great Snail Race game! The Bikini Bottom folks have always known how to keep themselves entertained. Whether it's a parade or a simple BBQ, they are constantly down for some fun activities. This time they are hosting a Snail Race, and the winner gets to eat freely for a month at the Krusty Krab.

Since he's the ambitious type, Gary thought of joining in the competition. You are the only one who can help him win this race! Use your skills to avoid the obstacles, try to run as fast as possible, and support our dear friend to fulfill his dream.

How to Play

Before you head to the running track, you must tune up your snail in the Snail Garage. You can choose its color, its shell type, as well as its clothing and protective gear. You can click on the arrows to browse through the items.

You can go to the Equipment section and see what power-ups you can get for your snail. Each of them has a special perk that can be used in the race. Some will give your snail a Speed Boost, some will provide you with more energy, and some will make him Obstacle Proof for a while.

Now that the game is on, there are three challenges that you can complete: The Chum Bucket Cup on the Oyster Stadium, then the Krusty Krab Cup. Finally, after you've completed all those challenges, the Olympus Coliseum will unlock itself for a final fight!

Once you're in the race, you can use the Left and Right Arrow keys to make Gary run. Press them together to advance through the racing track. This, however, will drain your snail out of energy, so make sure to keep a steady rhythm. You can see your Energy bar at the top of the screen. 

You should also know… 

When the moment is right, and Spongebob blows the whistle, you can press the Up Arrow key to get a speed boost.

The road won't be so smooth and easy, though. There will be plenty of objects and obstacles in your way. You can use the Spacebar to jump over them; otherwise, they will slow you down.

The snail that arrives first to the finish line will win the match and receive the highest amount of points. You will have to win all three games to get the grand prize at the end of the Cup. 

After each match, there will be a surprise waiting for you. Click on any of the gift boxes to receive your reward. In between events, you can also go to the Snail Garage to gear up your snail with your new goodies.

Ready to win some prizes? Set. Run!