Cook It 'n' Book It

Play the Cook It 'n' Book It game and find Squidward's vacuum before dinner! Avoid obstacles, collect keys, and open doors before the casserole burns!

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The grumpy octopus Squidward is searching for his vacuum in the Cook It 'n' Book It game! It is no secret that Squidward is a clean freak, so he must find his trusty vacuum cleaner before he goes crazy. He plans to clean everything before his dinner casserole cooks, but he doesn't know where to start his search. It must be behind a door somewhere, right? Will you aid him in his quest?

Your job is to collect keys, open doors, and avoid the other SpongeBob SquarePants characters. The clock is ticking, and the casserole is burning. Use your agility and intelligence to open the right doors and advance! You will find it in no time!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to collect the keys in each room. Use the arrow buttons to move and gather the golden keys from the floor, then head to any door to open it. Once you find the correct door, Squidward will move on to the next level and continue his search for the vacuum!

Like every other house, not all doorways lead to other rooms. So is the case in Squidward's home. With each level you pass, the number of doors will increase, and finding the right one is a matter of pure luck! Opening the wrong one will stun you, but don't give up and continue looking! However, remember you need all the keys before you start unlocking doors.

The casserole is slowly cooking in the oven, but it can burn anytime. Try preventing that by quickly moving through the rooms during your search. The heat meter on the right side of your screen acts as the timer, so keep an eye on it if you can. The temperature will increase if you bump into any of your friends or open the wrong doors, but you'll save the food from crispy doom if you move fast!

Can you become Squidward's hero and find his trusty vacuum before dinner? A clean house can only improve his appetite!