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Join SpongeBob at the festival in the Glove Universe game! Visit all the attractions, win bonus points, and earn tickets for rides and fortune booths!

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Bikini Bottom has become the place for amusement in the Glove Universe game! The grand festival has made it to the underwater town and expects guests from all over the ocean floor!

Join SpongeBob and his friends to celebrate the inauguration of the new Glove Universe! There are nine attraction zones where you can have the best time of your life! Some of the locations are free, and others require tickets. Enter the fascinating fair and discover it for yourself!

How to Play

Every game has different instructions. For the majority of them, you have to use your Mouse. For example, in the Balloon Blaster, you have to fill up a balloon with water. For this, you have to click and hold. Follow the balloon around the screen and make sure it gets filled with liquid. If you fail to do this, the game will stop!

Here are all the mini-games you can play:

 - Balloon Blaster

 - Pop 'Till You Drop

 - Monster Glover

 - Mystery Box

 - Fiery Fist O' Pain II

 - Flip n' Fling

 - The Great Wumbozi

 - Clam Dunk

 - Hammer Slammer

In the Pop' Til You Drop game, you have to shoot three red balloons. Pay attention to the moving target, and click when you think you're ready! Make sure you hit the red targets before you run out of lives!

Also, for some of the games, you have a time limit. For example, in the Monster Glover, you have forty-five seconds to shoot the monsters that pop up on the screen. Aim at the colorful mascots and eliminate as many as you can before you run out of time!

There's more you should know!

There are two types of games in the arcade. For the free games, you can play as many as you want. If you win, you get points and bonus tickets that help you in your adventures. The arcade provides a lot of good entertainment, such as rides, fortune tellers, and guessing!

However, there are also booths where access is limited. Everyone requires a certain amount of tickets to play! For example, Fiery Fist O'Pain 2 needs five tickets to start! SpongeBob takes the roller coaster ride, but things don't look safe! You have to use the Spacebar to jump over gaps in the platform and save the yellow sponge!

The arcade provides a ride ray of games and entertainment spots for you to enjoy! Join the famous Bikini Bottom characters and have the time of your life! Pay attention, win all the rounds, and don't forget to have fun!