MadBob Warrior Pants

Help SpongeBob escape Plankton's thugs in the MadBob Warrior Pants game! Drive the Patty Wagon fast and get rid of the bandits without running out of fuel!

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Shake off all the thugs and drive off into the desert in the MadBob Warrior Pants game! SpongeBob has a newfound identity! He is a rogue traveler through the vast lands beyond Bikini Bottom. However, he cannot escape his past enemies. Plankton is on his trail, trying to bring him down with a band of thugs. Can SpongeBob escape the dangerous rebels?

Your job in this game is to shake off all the thugs that grab onto SpongeBob's burger car by jumping and avoiding the obstacles in the way! Keep your Patty Wagon intact and move through the desert as if it's your home like a true free soul would!

How to Play

Use your mouse to drive the Patty Wagon through the desert and escape the thugs. If you wish to accelerate or slow down, you can move your cursor back and forth along the road! Shaking off the bandits can only be done by jumping, so use the right-click and do it. 

Plankton's thugs are rough and unforgivable, so they will try to slow you down or completely stop you. But do not fear! Jumping a few times will do the trick and throw them off. After level three, a new bandit will start dumping ketchup and mustard on the road. Those might hinder how you drive, but if you have good instincts, you can avoid them!

The most important aspect you should pay attention to is the fuel meter. It slowly drains as you drive and jump, but if it runs out, the thug bus will catch up to you, and it will be game over. Try speeding up during the whole level and keep as much distance from the bus as possible to avoid getting overwhelmed. You cannot replenish the fuel, but it should last you for the whole ride!

Will SpongeBob's new side survive and help him escape the pesky past enemies? Let the wind of the desert guide you!