Cavity Crisis

Play the Cavity Crisis game and help SpongeBob brush his teeth every morning! Rub the brush over the sponge's teeth, and don't let them rot or fall out!

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SpongeBob is ready to show you his pearly whites in the Cavity Crisis game! Our favorite yellow sponge never had to go to the dentist because he brushes his teeth so well! However, he loves sweets, and candy can ruin a perfect set of teeth. Equipped with a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and a lot of ambition, SpongeBob plans to keep his teeth in the best condition! Can you give him a hand?

Your job is to help SpongeBob brush his teeth and not let them fall out or rot from the candy. The routine is simple, but you must be alert and keep your sponge friend's teeth immaculate. It just takes a little practice to obtain the perfect teeth!

How to Play

Besides a toothbrush, you will need your mouse to complete this daily ritual! Move your cursor left and right or in a circular motion over SpongeBob's teeth to brush them thoroughly. If any of them turns yellow, rub the toothbrush over them a few times and restore them to their pearly white color!

SpongeBob's love for candy won't be easy to handle. Whenever a stray candy appears, quickly push it away with the toothbrush before it reaches any tooth. If you miss it and it smashes into one of SpongeBob's teeth, it will automatically make it rot. But don't worry too much about that! With extra care and some brushing, it will grow back to normal!

Each level will bring more challenges, such as faster decaying teeth or more random candy appearing! Keep moving the toothbrush and maintain the teeth as white as possible. If one of them rots and falls, it will be game over.

Are you ready to prove your skills and keep SpongeBob's teeth in perfect condition? Time to make that lovely smile extra white!