Game of Luck

Don't be afraid to test your fortune in the Game of Luck game. Look at SpongeBob's treasure chests and try to guess which one beholds the golden coins!

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If you want to test your luck, then you should definitely play the Game of Luck game. There is no other better way to see if your day is going to be a lucky one other than trying out a couple of luck games. SpongeBob has prepared for you some treasures in case you feel like fortune's on your side. 

Because the purpose is to show how lucky you are, you have to go with your gut and find as many coins as possible. The more treasures you reveal, the luckier you probably are!

How to Play

The gameplay is straightforward, and you only need to use your mouse. Testing your luck should not be rocket science. There is no need to run complicated tests or analyses. It is more than enough that you try to pick the best option at random. For this purpose, SpongeBob and his friends took some treasure chests and filled them up. Some of them even have priceless golden treasures that would make anyone feel very lucky. 

On the other hand, some chests only have some awfully stingy jellyfish. As if they weren't aggressive enough already after they have been contained for a while, they got pretty angry! So anybody freeing them is at high risk of receiving a nasty sting.

If at first, your chances to get something good are higher since you have to pick between only two chests, as you go further, they certainly will not look as good. More cases will be introduced, which means more options and less chance of getting something. 

Moreover, you will be allowed to have only three unlucky picks. Because a jellyfish's sting is quite awful, you will not be able to stand it for more than three times. If you do get stung a fourth, then you can consider your luck finished!

You'll find it very exhilarating to guess which chest beholds the most valuable treasures! Good Luck!