SpongeBob Saves the Day!

Let's celebrate friendship in the SpongeBob Saves the Day game. Explore Bikini Bottom to find ways to fix your friends' problems and brighten up the day!

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Our friend SpongeBob always finds a way to make everybody happy in the SpongeBob Saves the Day game. He has decided to celebrate friendship today and wants to make sure that his buddies are all having a great time. But there are a few things that need to be fixed beforehand.

Your role in this is to help SpongeBob fix the minor inconveniences indisposing his friends. Each issue can be solved by finding the right tools and using them properly. You will need to explore the surroundings if you want to see the solution!

How to Play

The most important part of finding clues is turning everything upside down to have a good look. Because SpongeBob is in control, you can use your mouse to point to things you want to inspect or to places you want to go to. Simply click on objects you find unusual or out of place to see whether they are useful.

Because SpongeBob values each of his friends equally, he plans to visit them one by one to see how he can help. The first one on his list is Patrick Star. These two are like brothers to each other, and, usually, they like to play together all day long. Today, however, Patrick is trying to win a trophy for not doing anything. That's why he needs Spongebob to do a few tasks for him like checking on Junior and maybe even making a snack!

Mr. Krabs is not having a great day, though. Somehow, his videotape with his new commercial has disappeared. Lost or maybe stolen, SpongeBob wants to find it to brighten up his boss's day. The fun part for you is that there are even more troubles at the Krusty Krab restaurant, and you get to solve everything!

Look in every corner!

Because Bikini Bottom is not a big place, sometimes you might need to find the solution to your problems somewhere else. So make sure not to forget to visit Sandy's dome or Squidward's place. They are also facing some issues and would appreciate your help. At the same time, to reward you for your effort, they might even give you some gift that can later become helpful.

Moreover, if you discover something that you can use to achieve your goal, you can bag it into the inventory. This way, SpongeBob will have access to it whenever required. What's even more interesting is that some of the objects can merge! There can be either some broken pieces, which put together can fix everything, or you could even create something totally new!

You should also know that to solve the tasks as effectively as possible, you should read carefully what the characters are saying. They might be dropping hints for you with regards to what you need to do next or where to look for the next item. You will spare a lot of time by listening instead of hectically clicking around until you find something useful!

Once SpongeBob makes everyone's day better, a surprise will be waiting for you!