SpongeBob: Gone Fishing

Play a card game alongside SpongeBob and his friends in the Gone Fishing game. Ask for cards from your opponents to form many pairs as fast as possible!

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Even Spongebob SquarePants and his friends get bored from time to time in Bikini Bottom. So, they figured that the best way to have fun would be to play cards in the Gone Fishing game. However, some of them are not so experienced, and they need you by their side to achieve victory!

The card's game name is Go Fish, and your role is to make many card pairs before anyone else. However, you will have to do it by asking for cards from the other players. It seems pretty odd, right? Don't worry! With a bit of practice, you will get the gist of it in a flash!

How to Play

Firstly you should choose your teammate. You can either pick the cute sponge or his friends, Sandy, Patrick, or Squidward. Now, you only need to use your mouse to pick a card you want to make a pair with, then select another opponent to ask for it. If they have it, you can keep asking until someone does not have the card you seek and tells you to Go Fish.

When you Go Fish, you will draw a card from the deck, and if it's the one you're looking for, you can keep asking for more. However, if it's not, your round is over, and you will have to wait for all the other player's turn.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to the cards other players need. This way, you can create an idea of what card to ask for from them.

But how do you win the game? Well, you will play the game until no cards are left. The winner is whoever has the most card pairs, called books, out of all three. Remember that you need four of a kind to call it a set and get one point.

Are you ready to start making many card books alongside your partner? If so, let's see if you can take all the cards from your opponents, or you will go fishing!