Bikini Bottom Chess

Train your grey matter in the Bikini Bottom Chess game! Click to move your soldiers on the board, capture other pieces, and checkmate your opponent's king!

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About Bikini Bottom Chess Game

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The Bikini Bottom Chess game is the best way to train hard your grey matter. Chess has never been more entertaining than now since you can play along with your all-time favorite characters. SpongeBob and the others are here to give you a hand.

You can now learn the basics of a game that has been around for many years! People of all ages have been finding this activity as fun as it can be, and now your turn has come to give it a try!

How to Play

The idea of the game is quite easy. To cut things short, you have to catch the opponent's king. You might say that chess is nothing more than a little war between two kingdoms. There are a king and a queen, pawns, rooks, knights, and bishops! All of them at your humble commands.

Use your mouse to click on the pieces you want to move. Once you click on them, the squares in which they can be moved will light up, and you can choose whichever you want.

The game gets a little more complicated, though, because, in this war, you are not allowed to move the pieces at random. Each and every one of them has a pre-defined pattern. It would have been too easy otherwise, wouldn't it?

Make your Move

The first line in your army is dedicated to the pawns, which here look like little squids. They can move only one square at a time, and only forward. However, there are two exceptions to that rule. The first time a pawn moves, it is allowed to go 2 squares. Moreover, it can move one square diagonally when it attacks!

Following up are the rooks. They both sit at the end of the second row, and they are only allowed to move forward and backward, to the left and right. More interesting are the knights, which can actually jump over pieces! As long as you move them in the shape of an L, they can go anywhere!

Things are getting more quirky when we are talking about bishops. These pieces can move only diagonally, regardless of the direction. Last but not least, here come the king and queen. Because they are royalty, they can go anywhere they like. But be careful! The king only moves a square at a time!

What else you should know

Now that you know these basic rules, you can truly enjoy the game. Capture as many pieces of your opponent by moving your soldiers over the occupied squares. Make sure to checkmate the enemy's king by leading him into a trap he cannot escape.

Fun fact: if one of your pawns manages to reach the top of the board, you get to transform it into any kind of piece you want! You could even have as many queens as you want! The only downside is that you cannot exchange them for kings.

The game will become more and more challenging as you play, so it would be a smart idea to try to think about your moves ahead. Put yourself into your opponent's shoes, and see whether you can guess their next step. Plan things before, and think about as many possibilities as you can! This way, you'll undoubtedly be a winner.

At the end of each game, you'll get a grade based on how well thought were your moves. Don't be too disappointed if you don't get straight A's. Chess is a challenging game! You'll get better and better as you practice it. So don't waste any more time and go-ahead to get some fun!