The stakes are high in the fun and captivating InvasiVoyage game. Unite with SpongeBob, travel inside Squidward, and collect the items causing him pain!

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Help your friends from Bikini Bottom in the incredible adventure featured in the InvasiVoyage game! Squidward has swallowed quite a big bunch of clarinet reeds and is not feeling very well. His friends are quite worried and are now looking for a solution.

Thankfully, Sandy has an ingenious idea that might save the day and make her friend feel better. They will utilize her shrinking ray and a spaceship to travel inside Squidward’s body. Only by doing this, SpongeBob will find the things that bother his buddy.

You will have to be the captain of the voyage! SpongeBob needs someone with a better view to locate the items that pain his friend. Use the cursor to point the direction in which his spaceship should go. Be very careful, and leave nothing behind!

How to Play

The premise of the game is to remove the reeds that inflict agony on poor Squidward. Use the spaceship to collect them. For every one of them, you will get bonuses that will help you throughout the voyage. 

Watch out for air bubbles! They are the result of the ingestion of the reeds and can hurt both you and your underwater friends. To burst them, you will have to click in their direction and drop the gold coins. With every level you pass, they will start to multiply and move around, causing you problems.

At this point, the bonuses will come in handy. As you collect more residues, they will give you more possibilities to shoot bubbles. So, you will be able to use twice as much power and twice as many golden coins.
Although it does not seem very complicated, this operation is necessary for Squidward to feel better. If you are ready for an adventure, step inside the body of your green friend, and save his life!