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About Super, Easy, Fun Time Adventure Pants Game

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The wonderful world of Bikini Bottom awaits you in the Super, Easy, Fun Time Adventure Pants game! SpongeBob needs your assistance! Plankton has stolen his Krabby Patty, and the yellow character has to get it back! 

The primary game objective is to help SpongeBob climb his way through the levels until he reaches the top! Move SpongeBob around the platforms, and try to escape all dangers! Keep in mind that every new level is more difficult than the last one!

Remember, your final goal is to get the stolen item back! You need to be very careful and attentive! Are you confident enough to complete the quest?

How to play the game

To get to different levels, you have to move SpongeBob left and right! Press the Right and Left arrows to appoint the direction he should follow!

From time to time, he has to climb ladders so that he can reach a higher platform. To do this, you have to press the Up arrow. SpongeBob also needs to crouch under obstacles. Press the Down arrow, and protect your character!

Along the way, SpongeBob has to avoid jellyfish, barnacles blowing bubbles, and occasional gaps in the way! Although the game seems rather easy at first, it can be misleading! With every level you pass, secret paths will appear, while others will suddenly disappear. It gradually gets harder and harder for you to get to the top!

Moreover, various characters from the underwater world start crossing the screen! They are giants and make it harder to see the background! You have to be very careful and stop your character from moving! Otherwise, he can stumble across other obstacles, and the game ends!

Enter the famous underwater universe of Bikini Bottom and help SpongeBob to ascend to the highest level! Never let obstacles get to your character! Keep moving forward and be the ultimate champion!