SpongeBob's Bumper Subs

Become a captain and explore the ocean in the SpongeBob's Bumper Subs game! Steer your submarine, bump into any targets, and avoid the scary sea creatures!

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About SpongeBob's Bumper Subs Game

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Have you ever wanted to explore the depths of the ocean? If so, give the SpongeBob's Bumper Subs game a try, and hop on your own submarine! Now is your chance to become a captain and search high and low for other ships. Your friends from Bikini Bottom are ready to join you on this exciting adventure!

The main objective of this mission is to bump into other submarines. The more ships you sink, the higher your score will be! Just make sure to avoid any whales or jellyfish because you don't want to be munched on by the sea creatures! Are you ready to begin your journey through the blue ocean?

How to Play

Aye Aye, Captain! Steering a submarine has never been easier because you only need to use your mouse. Look at the map, then click on the Left or Right arrow controls to change direction. You can even move forward or in reverse by tapping on the handle!

For your first move, you will have to choose your captain. Will it be SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, or Mr. Krabs? Just don't worry too much about your option because all your underwater buddies are skilled sailors! Once you pick your favorite character, it's time to get started!

Now is your chance to sink the enemy submarines! Before you find your targets, you have to pay attention to the map. Look for any movement around you, then search in that direction. If the area is too empty, you can simply get moving until the ships appear! 

Remember to be careful, because sea creatures can be very frightening! The jellyfish will zap you if you get too close, while the whales can chomp you in one bite. If you get stung three times or get eaten, it's game over! Luckily, you can check the map before you get too close and avoid these dangerous creatures!

Now that you understand your goal, it's time to begin your adventure! Join SpongeBob and his friends from Bikini Bottom and take down every sub in the sea!