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About Coral Climb Game

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Join your friend SpongeBob and go on an epic adventure under the sea in the Coral Climb game! The funny sea sponge has found yet another activity to keep him entertained! This time, he is trying to conquer the labyrinth of Coral Springs. Will you lend him a hand and join him for this journey?

Your aim in this game is to climb as high up as possible without falling. To do that, SpongeBob has to jump back and forth from one coral to another, trying to find the right one that will boost him up. If you jump too far, you might fall down, so pay attention and do your best to conquer the wall! Good luck!

How to play the game

You don't need much preparation to begin the climb! To guide SpongeBob around Coral Springs, all you need is a mouse! Just click on the screen to drag your character where you want him to be, and he will soon follow. How cool is that?

Your only goal for this mission is to keep landing on coral. This way, your friend will be able to reach higher and higher levels. How far up will you be able to make it before you fall?

If you get stuck and you can't find any higher coral to jump towards, you should try to move further to the left or right. Most likely, you will find the perfect coral to land on. Just try not to wander too far away because you might find yourself without anything to hang on to! 

There are two types of coral that you can come across during your journey. The regular green corals will help you climb, and the rare orange coral will boost you higher up to the next level. Make sure not to lose your way looking for the orange ones, because the green ones are just as valuable!

What else you should know

At the beginning of the challenge, you will get a total of 3 lives. Each time you touch a jellyfish, you will lose one of those, so try not to run out of chances!

Even if you have lives left, falling down will make you restart the game from the beginning. Try to keep that in mind!

What do you say? SpongeBob needs some help climbing up the labyrinth of Coral Springs. Will you lend him a hand and show off your skills in this fun challenge?

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