Saviours of Slime

Protect the Krusty Krabs from Plankton in the SpongeBob SquarePants: Saviours of Slime game. Help Spongebob, Triple G, and Lincoln complete each mission!

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The Krusty Krabs is in danger in the SpongeBob SquarePants: Saviours of Slime game. Somebody broke in the seif last night, and all evidence points out to Plankton, who tried to steal the Slime recipe. 

SpongeBob and all of his friends have rushed there to see what's happening, including Squidward, Lincoln Loud from Loud House, and Dawn Harper from Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn. Kid Danger from Henry Danger, Triple G from the Gameshakers, Max Thunderman, and Summer Hathaway from School of Rock have also volunteered to give a helping hand.

Your job is to catch Plankton before he can get his hands on the recipe and become the world's evil ruler! Your quest will be full of obstacles, challenges, and missions that you will have to carry out perfectly. Do you think you've got what it takes for this challenge? Let's find out!

How to Play

Your job is to protect the Slime Recipe with all you've got. Don't worry, for you also have friends to help you with that! Each of the characters has a part to play in this game, so make sure to check them all!

They all have a particular talent or skill that you can use to your advantage and defeat Plankton. You can defend the Krusty Krabs by helping Squidward make underwater bubbles using your Mouse. Those will lift up and defuse Plankton's attacking bombs. Or perhaps, you could use some of Max Thunderman's magic, fire, and ice to withstand your enemy's attacks. 

To control them and to successfully finish each mission, you will eighter need to use the Mouse or the Arrow keys. All the instructions on how and when to use them will be shown at the beginning of each mission. 

You should also know … 

Occasionally, you might need to use the Spacebar, like in the School of Rock quest, with Summer Hathaway. You might need to tune your instruments before the rehearsals. To do that, simply press the Spacebar when the circle gets in between the two dotted lines. Not earlier, not later.

Should you be able to finish all the tasks, you'll be ready to Blast the Doors of the seif and catch Plankton! Choose from your favorite cartoon characters a squad of six to go after Plankton. You will need the Spacebar one more time to shoot your enemies and the Arrow Keys to move around.

Now that you know the rules, let's catch Plankton before it's too late, shall we?