Extreme Arcade of World Records

Join SpongeBob in the Extreme Arcade of World Records game to try all the arcade mini-game machines. Are you skilled enough to beat all the challenges?

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About Extreme Arcade of World Records Game

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Meet SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends to have loads of fun in the Extreme Arcade of World Records game. Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Gary, and Plankton prepared many retro-style arcade games. Can you join them and check out what each one has in store for you?

Your job is to check out the arcade games, achieve a high score, and become the master of the arcade! However, each has its tricks and will not be as easy to clear as you think! Let's meet up with the gang of Bikini Bottom and start this party!

How to Play

Now that you're ready to start gaming, you should learn the controls! Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around.

 - Spacebar / Left Click: Perform actions.

Depending on the game, the Spacebar's utility will change. Also, you might only need your mouse for some challenges, but this doesn't mean they are more undemanding than the rest!

You will have loads of games to try out:

 - Longest Tongue: Help SpongeBob stretch Sandy's tongue as far as possible!

 - Buckets of Chum: Plankton is trying to drown Patrik in chum, and he needs to eat it all to stay safe!

 - Cobra Milker: Get all the venom from the cobra's teeth!

 - Mansion of Cards: Align all the matching blocks to destroy them.

 - Megaband Ball: Help Gary destroy all the crates.

 - Chainsaw Juggler: You need the secret code to unlock it!

You can start with whatever game you'd like, and you will discover your total score after you complete them all!

There's more you should know!

Each challenge will have traps that you need to avoid. Luckily, there will be some power-ups to make your runs easier:

 - Longest Tongue: Has a Speed Boost and a bubble to make you indestructible!

 - Buckets of Chum: You can Freeze the Hose, Drain the chum, or make Patrick's mouth larger! 

 - Cobra Milker: Click on SpongeBob to charm the Cobras and make them still for several seconds.

 - Mansion of Cards: Use the Wild Card to form pairs with any character or the Dynamite to blow up an entire row.

 - Megaband Ball: Bust a move, Speed up or Multiply your score!

Each power-up will pop up sometimes, so you still need to rely on your reflexes and problem-solving skills if you want to pass each challenge!

Are you ready to join SpongeBob and the rest to see how many arcade games you can complete? Let's get you playing and see if you can achieve the highest score!