Toy Store Trial

Help SpongeBob and Patrick escape in the Toy Store Trial game! Use your memory to uncover the cards, find the matching pairs, and complete the puzzle!

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About Toy Store Trial Game

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Your friends from SpongeBob Squarepants are trapped in the Toy Store Trial game, and only you can get them out! SpongeBob and Patrick are trapped inside a toy store. After their plan went wrong, you have to help them escape safely. Will you be able to complete this challenge?

This game will surely put your mind to the test! Your task this time is to find where each character is trapped and set them free. Your cute friends are sitting behind the cards, and you have to flip them over until every one of them is facing you. Do your best and complete the job to set SpongeBob and Patrick free!

How to Play

For this mission, you will uncover many pictures, but you only need your mouse to investigate. The cards are facing down, and you need to tap on each one to reveal the hidden character! As soon as you find two identical images, they will remain facing up. Just do your best to remember where your friends are, and complete the challenge!

The game consists of only one stage, but it can be quite tricky. You will need to finish the mission within a limited amount of moves, or else you might fail. Remember that you can only make 5 mistakes before you have to restart the game! Just keep track of your actions, and be careful!

Don't worry if you don't manage to complete the challenge the first time. While it'll test your memory, you also need to get lucky. When you finally finish the mission, SpongeBob and Patrick will be freed, along with their friends.

Do your best to help the characters of SpongeBob Squarepants escape! Your cute friends are trapped, and they need your help. Solve the puzzle and make sure to uncover each card!