FrankenBob's Quest - Part 2

Try the FrankenBob's Quest - Part 2 game to help SpongeBob discover who cursed Bikini Bottom. Get past all monsters and bring everyone to their jolly form!

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About FrankenBob's Quest - Part 2 Game

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SpongeBob SquarePants continues his search for the person responsible for Bikini Bottom's terrifying makeover in the FrankenBob's Quest - Part 2 game! The now-called Inikib Mottob is full of fish zombies, vampires, and other spooky creatures. Even the cute chef of the Krusty Krab has turned into a monster of the night, but luckily his mind is still intact and wants to solve this mystery! Can you join him a give him a helping hand?

Your goal is to head out through the graveyards and monsters, find treasures, and find the evil mind behind all this madness! However, every being you will meet will try to stop your journey. But, with Spongebob's powers, few will stand a chance against you!

How to Play

You will not get too far through your journey without learning the controls! Here they are:

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Move around.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Down arrow key: Crouch.

 - Spacebar: Attack.

 - Z: Secondary attack if you have the resources for it.

You can also use a dash and double jump. However, you will need to unlock those first. Press the movement and jump arrows two times quickly to use them when available!

You should complete many stages before revealing who turned Bikini Bottom into this terrifying place! However, the monsters of Inikib Mottob will not let you pass so quickly, and they will grow stronger as you advance! But if you pay attention to their fighting style, you and SpongeBob will have no problem taking everyone down!

Be careful not to get hit too many times! If a monster or trap hurts FrankenBob, he will lose some parts of his body. The last stage is when only his skeleton will remain, and if he gets one more hit, he will lose a life point. Some traps can even take one with one strike! Also, you only have three, and it's game over if you lose them all!

There is more you should know!

There will be some tools around that might come in handy on your journey! Firstly, you can grab items for your secondary attacks that will do more damage against foes and might even summon lighting to heal you! Also, you can collect the extra lives to regenerate or add one if you're in need!

At last, you should try to take down many enemies and grab all the jellyfish and power-ups if you want a high score! The most rewarding ones are the treasure and the final boss. So, if you want the highest score possible, you should complete the journey and find out who is behind Bikini Bottom's curse!

It's time to venture alongside FrankenBob into one of the spookiest journeys he faced! Can you fight off all monsters and discover who made them like this?

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