Plunder Blunder

Play the Plunder Blunder game and help SpongeBob escape the ghost pirates' chase! Shoot down all the enemies while dodging the incoming attacks to survive!

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The entire crew of The Flying Dutchman is angrily chasing poor SpongeBob in the Plunder Blunder game! The ghost pirates are up to no good once again! This time, they're trying to capture the friendly sponge and bring him onto their ship. With only a bubble gun and his agility, SpongeBob must make it out safely! Are you ready to take on this challenge?

The road ahead is full of dangers, so SpongeBob will need your help to keep up with the different attacks from the ghost pirate crew. Test your survival skills by dodging and shooting the angry chasers! Don't let them catch you!

How to Play

You'll need to use your mouse and keyboard to evade the crew's attacks! These are your controls and how to use them:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Move back and forth.

 - Up/Down arrow keys: Jump/Crouch and slide.

 - Left click: Shoot your bubble blaster.

Don't let your guard down, as you will get attacked from multiple sides! The pirate in front of SpongeBob throws pizza slices on the ground to trip him. The ones at the back will send one crewmate forward to slash the sponge with a sword, while the ghost on the ship will launch cannonballs toward him! Master the movement, and you'll be able to dodge all attacks in no time!

You'll have to keep track of your lives, as you only have three chances to escape unharmed and avoid attacks! Every time you trip over an obstacle or don't shoot one of the charging enemies, you lose a life point! Keep onto them as much as possible and quickly advance through the levels!

Now that you know how to dodge all attacks, can you save SpongeBob from the angry ghost crew? It's time to run for your life!