Hover Pizza Cats

The contest is on in the Hover Pizza Cats game. Dress up your kitten in SpongeBob costumes, then avoid the obstacles and race your way to the finish line!

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The kittens in the Hover Pizza Cats game are great fans of SpongeBob! They have made themselves outfits with Bikini Bottom characters to wear outside while having fun. Now, they are organizing a hoverboard race to which you can take part only if you have a costume!

The roads in the neighborhood where the race is taking place have not been renewed for a long while. Some of the damages left there can become nasty obstacles for our cats. Your aim is to help them surpass any hardship and make sure they get to the finish line safe and sound!

How to Play

To get the cats out of trouble, you will only need your mouse. Fortunately, they can ride well the hoverboards, so all you have to take care of are the obstacles. You will need to click on one of the five tools at your disposal. Each one will trigger a reaction from the cat, thus avoiding a particular type of danger.

The first type of obstacle might not seem too scary, but it only brings troubles for the kitties. Thrash cans are more often than not left in the most inconvenient places, so you must use your mouse to click on the Laser Poiter. It will distract the kitten and take the hoverboard on the other side of the road. 

Secondly, you must also watch out for deep cracks on the road. Without you, they will go unnoticed, and the cat will trip on them. You must click on the Ball of Yarn, and the kitty will jump, thus avoiding the obstacle. You should pay attention to timing, clicking too soon or too late will not be effective.

Everything has to be Purrfect!

Cats love to be clean, so a puddle of mud could be a horrible disaster for them. You have to make sure that they avoid any such things by clicking on the Rod. They will speed up and leave any dirt far behind them.

Dangers seem to never rest here! Everybody has to be extra careful when approaching a street crossing. A moment of distraction can cause a disaster, so you should remember to click on the Mirror every time. That will prompt the cat to admire itself for a few seconds, enough for the pedestrians to cross.

The last thing is even worse than the mud. The thing hated most by cats is, of course, water. Their beautiful fur getting wet is the worst thing that could happen! The Kitty Litter will dry up anything moist as soon as you click it!

If you follow this advice, you are sure to win the races and make a little kitten happy. Don't forget to collect the pizza slices to trade them for new accessories. Good luck!