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Start a true intergalactic race with Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Super Strike game! Control a powerful Zord and take down all alien ships and obstacles!

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Test out your ability to pilot the most awesome space ships with the Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Super Strike game! Any real fan of the Power Rangers knows that they can summon impressive war-machines called Zords. They are expertly engineered and designed to obliterate even the most powerful enemies! However, only a good pilot can handle the sheer force of these machines and successfully maneuver them in any environment. Do you think you have what it takes to take on such an important role? You can only find out by trying this thrilling game!

It's time to set up the galactic race of a lifetime!

The first step of the game is deciding which of the five available Zords suits you the best. Do you like the red galleon, the blue jet, the yellow trailer, green racer, or the pink marine?  What is more, you can even unlock an additional ship! Hmmm...I wonder which one it is...

Next, it's time to decide which level of difficulty suits you best. You can choose between Normal, Hard, or Mega, depending on what you think you can handle. Are you brave enough to go for the sturdiest option, or would you rather warm up with something easier and more fun?

Next, it's time to choose one of the two available levels. Are you ready to face a Tentacle Turbulence or the Cybax Silo? You can even unlock a secret challenge if you successfully complete the other two runs. So put your best foot forward and get ready to race!

It's so simple to pilot a spaceship in the Power Rangers universe! All you need to do is use the arrow keys to move your Zord around. It will shoot missiles automatically, making things even more straightforward than you'd think! However, this race will prove to be more challenging than you think!

Do whatever it takes to reach the end of the race! 

The primary objective in each level is to reach the end of your journey without crashing into obstacles or getting hurt by enemy missiles! Just one bullet or small meteor will lead you to failure. I'm sure restarting the level over and over can be extremely frustrating! Therefore, make sure you pay close attention!

Sounds hard? Don't worry! You can use various power-ups to improve your score and get further within the level. You can earn a shield that will grant you invincibility for a limited amount of time, or pick up the lightning bolt to activate the Megazord. It will obliterate all enemies on screen and also increase your score by 500. Pretty cool, right?

The coolest feature about this game is the fact that you can use all the points you earn to upgrade your favorite ships in the shop. Make sure you invest them carefully! Would you like some extra life or more firepower? You can even increase the quality of your shield and earn the ability to use multishot! 

Are you ready to become the pilot of a very awesome space ship? What is more, would you like to accompany the Power Rangers in their intergalactic adventures? Then this game will surely keep you glued to the keyboard for a long time!