Megazord Firestorm

Help the Rangers fight against the enemy in Power Rangers S.P.D.: Megazord Firestorm game! Put off the fires and defeat all of the Krybots!

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About Megazord Firestorm Game

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What do you do when you want to become a Ranger and a firefighter too? Well, you play Power Rangers S.P.D.: Megazord Firestorm game. If you have excellent multi-tasking skills, then this will seem to you a child's play.

Start the game and look around to see what you have to do. If you have a quick peek at the upper part of the screen, you will see up there in the left the Fire Gauge. During the game, you have to watch it continually because if it fills itself up, then it means that there are too many fires around you and subsequently that it is game over.

More to the right, there is a shared bar where your score and the current level are displayed. In the upright corner, there is another bar which represents the damage that you received from the Krybots attacks. Watch out for too many injuries because if you find yourself excessively weakened the game will not continue.

At the bottom of the screen, there are two modes of firing between which you have to choose while playing. One is named Water Blast, this one you will use when you need to put off fires. You only have to click wherever there is a fire going one in one of the surrounding buildings. The other one you can use is the Laser Beam. It can help you to zap all the Krybots that come to attack you. Do not waste too much time because they fill fire at you without stopping.

There are also two bubbles around there, one with a question mark on it which shows you again the instruction, and one which turns on or off the background music. Cool, now you know all these things it is finally time to pop into the game and start the adventure!

How to Play

To play, you need to find the danger on the map and click on it while the Laser beam mode is selected. It will instantly vaporize the enemy so you will not lose additional time aiming at them for more than one time.

As you strive to attack those annoying bots, try your best to extinguish the small fires in the surrounding buildings. To do that, press the space-bar key on your keyboard to switch the Laser Beam. We do not want any lasers pointed at innocent civilians, do we? Be quick though the fire is spreading remarkably fast and as you already know, once the Firebar is full, there is no more fun.

As you advance through the levels, everything will get increasingly difficult. There will be more and more stubborn enemies to put down, and they will fire faster at you. So prepare, the worst is yet to come.

Also, the fires will spread in no time all around you, which make it all even more impossible. But that is why we have chosen a Power Ranger for the job, right? So buckle up and take positions for this mission is one of the most challenging. If you happen to lose the game, do not worry, you will be able to start again from the beginning until you manage to make it.