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Make matches to smash your enemies in Ninja Steel: Match Attack game! Join Power Rangers and use your intelligence to lend them a helping hand in battle!

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Play the Match Attack game if you enjoy solving puzzles! Your powerful friends from the Power Rangers team need your help to get through this challenging confrontation. Built on the same principle as the wildly successful Candy Crush, this game will prove to be just as addictive and entertaining! Are you ready to soak in the upbeat music and clear up the game board? Then stop hesitating and prepare for a fun and unique challenge!

Create matches to obliterate your enemies!

The game consists of six exciting levels of increasing difficulty. Your performance will be rated using a system of golden lightning bolts. Do you think you can pass all 6 stages with flying colors? Don't worry, as you will not be on your own during this journey! One of the beloved characters from the Ninja Steel series will be at your side at all times! 

Do you remember the famous Candy Crush game series? Then you will undoubtedly face no problems, as the gameplay is remarkably similar! You will notice a game board with 64 Power Ranger masks on the left side of the screen. Click on to adjacent figures to switch their places. To make a match, you need to align three or more items of the same color. They will be instantly cleared off the board. What is more, each pairing you make earns you valuable points and brings you closer to the final goal. Seems easy as pie, right?

What makes the game addictive and entertaining is the fact that each level has a different goal for you to achieve. It will be displayed at the beginning of the stage, as well as a permanent fixture on the left side of your screen. 

Think carefully about your strategy! If you run out of moves before your aim is achieved, the game is over! You can find your current score and the remaining number of movements in the menu on the left, next to the goal and your progress. This allows you to be up to date at any point in the game! 

Create complex matches and earn bonuses to become a pro!

There are many exciting features that will keep you glued to the keyboard. To begin with, you will come across numerous obstacles along your journey. Glass, locks, and brick walls will take some skills to get around! Clear them out by creating pairings in their immediate vicinity. Pay attention, as some of them will only disappear after multiple matches! There are even exploding bombs that you need to defuse before the time runs out!

However, you shouldn't get discouraged! You can earn many bonuses that will clear out many masks on the board. Match more than three figures at once to obtain one. Try creating an L-shape or sequences of 5 same-colored symbols. They will result in amazing power-ups that can clear up an entire line, row, or all the objects of a particular color. You can even create combinations between power-ups for a highs core!

Speaking of points, you should keep in mind that any power-ups and extra moves you have left will count towards your final score.  Therefore, make a plan and try to finish up the level using just a few steps! It will surely be a challenge, but I am sure that you can overcome everything with the help of the Power Rangers team! Stop hesitating and get ready to make matches and lead your friends to a much-deserved victory!