Summer Sports Stars

Join SpongeBob, Patrick, and many others in the Nick: Summer Sports Stars game. Train and compete in various races and win medals for your performances!

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The best season for sports is on in the Nick: Summer Sports Stars game. So many cartoon characters from lots of Tv shows have gathered to show off with their athletic skills. Do you think you can beat them in such a tight competition?

After some extensive training, you will be able to compete in the big tournament. There you will have to get the best time out of each stage and wait and see where you are situated on the podium. 

How to Play

The best way to start this game is by choosing to go through the Practice option first. There are five separate athletic competitions, each targeting a skill.

The first one is Acrobatics. Here you have to make your character do as many tumbles in mid-air as you can. To do that, you will need to use your mouse. You should try to click anywhere on your character, then drag upward to send him up! The trick to getting better tumbles is to grab his hands or feet. This way, he or she will rotate more, and get more points too! 

The second challenge is the Pole Vaulting. You should aim to jump as high as possible over the bar. The higher you get, the bigger the score for the podium. Simply click and then drag to gain momentum, then release to take off. The best place to grab, though, is the farthest end of the stick. This way, you can get more control over the jump!

When it comes to Horseback Riding, this might seem one of the most difficult challenges. Here you have to jump over the obstacles and get to the finish line, all these within the shortest amount of time. Not to mention that if you somehow destroy any barrier, you will be penalized for 10 seconds. The best way to avoid any of that is to grab the uppermost part of the player. This way, the horse will jump higher, and there will be no risk of taking down anything. 

There's more you should know

Nobody said that sporting competitions are easy, there are always lots of fun challenges to participate in. The next interesting one is the 100m Swim challenge. You must drag your character to the other end of the pool! Just click and drag him to swim further!

The only drawback is that there are lots of stuff floating on top, which will slow you down considerably. The best way to avoid them is to swim over them, like a dolphin!

The last challenge is called the 100m Dash. It is a stilts race, and the one who scored the best time wins. To move forward, you have to click and drag the sticks as if the character was walking. You'll need to give it a couple of goes before you get a hand of it.

You'll have a great time training in all these races and, when you will feel ready, you can enter the actual competition and win medals!