What are the most popular Alvin Games?

  1. Super Brawl World
  2. Paper Battle
  3. Summer Sports Stars
  4. Hall of Games
  5. Capture the Slime
  6. Destruction Truck Derby
  7. KCA 2016: Mega Dance Machine
  8. Takin' Center Stage
  9. Back to School Search
  10. Alvin Monster Hunt

What are the best Alvin Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Super Brawl World
  2. Paper Battle
  3. Summer Sports Stars
  4. Hall of Games
  5. Capture the Slime

Meet the most talented chipmunks in the world!

Don't miss out on the Alvin and the Chipmunks Games if you love music, skateboarding, and outrageous adventures! After meeting these three adorable protagonists, you'll never be bored again!

Can you believe that they were born in 1958? At first, they were just funny voices in a hit by Ross Bagdasarian Senior, a musician and voice actor. Even he was surprised when the first Chipmunk song won three Grammy Awards! Ever since, the three furry brothers have taken the world by storm. Their creator would be very proud!

What makes chipmunks worldwide superstars? Read on to find out more about Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and their human parent, David!

Chances are you've seen these three lovable heroes before! The Chipmunks are everywhere! They have appeared in movies, animated series, comic books, and, of course, video games. Besides, they have released over 50 albums! Some are platinum records! Can you believe that? These three chipmunks must be very talented!

Even if they were created many years ago, the Chipmunks have come very far! Kids and adults from all over Each have a unique personality, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. The best part is that you can experience all of their adventures in this category! Join concerts, record music, play sports, or plan their next mischief! Get ready for a ton of fun!

Can three brothers be more different?

Let's meet the leader of the trio! Alvin will never go unnoticed, as he is very bold and loves attention. He talks a lot and loves to take on great challenges. Besides, Alvin is also the lead singer and guitarist of the band. Did we mention that he is also great at skateboarding?

However, even Alvin has his flaws! He is impulsive and gets in trouble often. Luckily, his brothers and David help him out! Join the chipmunk in the red sweater for one of his naughty plans in the Alvin on Tiptoes game!

Can you guess who the genius of the group is? Of course, it's the tall chipmunk with glasses, Simon. His IQ is close to Einstein's! The chipmunk in the blue sweater also has other great qualities. Fans love him for his dry sense of humor and a big heart! Without his help, Alvin would take advantage of Theodore!

Theo is the timidest and sweetest member of the group. You'll never meet someone friendlier! The cheerful drummer loves cooking, playing the drums, and the color green. Nevertheless, even Theodore has his faults! He can be very shy and gullible. Therefore, Alvin often uses him for pranks and mischievous plans!

Finally, you have to meet the caretaker of these three energetic heroes! Dave, a dark-haired middle-aged man, takes care of the trio, as he is their legal guardian. Don't underestimate him! Being the single parent of the Chipmunks must be the most challenging job in the world.

All things considered, Dave does a great job most of the time. However, sometimes even he fails! Play the Mission Handy game to help Alvin, Simon, and Theo escape one of his punishments!

There's so much to do in Alvin and the Chipmunks Games!

The best part about Alvin and the Chipmunks is that they are always up to something. Given that they are a successful band, they spend most of their time recording music. Sometimes they even go on world tours. Did you know that sometimes they are joined by The Chipettes? They are a group of lady chipmunks that are just as interesting and talented. Can you imagine all the funky music that they play together?

You can become part of their musical adventures and experience the thrill of being a star. For instance, help them compose a new song in the Battle of the Bands game!

When they're not performing on stage, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore love to play sports! Like many boys, they love soccer, baseball, and even some extreme sports. Are you brave enough to go on a wild race with them? If you can keep your cool, join Alvin for a session of skateboarding! He is a talented rider who can perform many tricks. See for yourself by playing the Skateboard Professional game!

No matter how gray life might be, Alvin and the Chipmunks Games will brighten your day! Their funny voices and energetic personalities can cheer up even the moodiest players in just a few minutes. Besides, you'll learn a thing or two about music, friendship, and the importance of a true family!

There are currently 23 free online Alvin games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.