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Play the Alvin on Tiptoes game to find out how sneaky you can be! If you know anything about this chipmunk, you can figure out that he is almost always in trouble. This time, he has played a prank on all the members of his family. Therefore, David has taken all his toys and hidden them inside the house. Besides, he has also set up cameras and made Alvin's brothers guard the areas. Will our chipmunk be able to evade all these measures? It's up to you!

The game consists of 6 fun levels that will allow you to explore the entire house. Make sure you do so in the most discrete way possible! Alvin needs to sneak around and use all his tools to gather toys and sweets from the house. As soon as he gets discovered, the game ends. Therefore, you should watch out for all the obstacles. Try your best to collect all the objects and move on to the next zone!

How to play the game

Moving Alvin is quite straightforward!  You have to use the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrows on your keyboard. However, keep in mind that he isn't very fast on foot. Don't worry! Alvin can also use his skateboard for a limited amount of time by pressing the K key! Isn't that impressive?

Watch out for guards and cameras! Whenever you move, there's a chance you'll get into their line of sight. If you don't run away or hide quickly, they'll catch you!

The best way to keep your presence discrete is by using different objects in your environment. Some extras make you invisible, so make sure you pick them up at the right time. Teleporting portals will also help you get around easier! Having good timing is also essential to move around the house without being seen!

Have you noticed all the red arrows? They indicate the locations of all the toys and sweets on one level. After picking up all of them, you need to find your way to the door that leads to the next stage of the game. How fast can you do that?

The swifter you are, the more points you'll earn at the end of the level. Even if you don't get a perfect three out of three, you'll have a blast helping Alvin with his mischievous mission!

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