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Have a blast trying to get a high score in the Paper Pilot game! Alvin and his two chipmunk brothers have come up with another exciting way to pass the time: flying paper planes. Whether they are in their bedroom or at school, the three pals can't stand a single second of boredom. Join Alvin as he tries to hit Simon's and Theodore's targets! 

The game consists of two levels - one at home and one in a classroom. Each one features two targets held by Alvin's two pals. Besides them, there are many objects that you can hit for points. How many points can you score in just 60 seconds? There's only one way to find out!

How to play the game

Making a paper airplane can be quite challenging, especially if you want to design one that flies well! Thankfully, you won't need to do that! The plane will move automatically at the bottom of the screen. Whenever it reaches your desired location, click to stop it. Now, all that's left to do is to pick an angle. The plane will tilt up and down. Click again whenever you are satisfied with the trajectory, then watch it fly!

You can gain the most points in 60 seconds by aiming towards the two targets. Theodore will hold a more static one, while Simon will always be on the move. As you can imagine, the former will give you more points than the latter. However, you'll have to exercise your timing carefully for a successful shot!

Aiming at other objects is another good way to earn points! Have you noticed the golden A's and the baseball caps? If you hit them, you'll gain 25 or 50 points. What is more, you can aim towards the clocks to add precious seconds to the clock. This way, you'll have the chance to gain more points by the end of the game! 

This quirky challenge will help you exercise your reflexes while also having a ton of silly fun with the Chipmunks! Alvin, Simon, and Theodore will make sure that you never have a dull moment, whether you are in class or your bedroom. Show them that you are a skilled paper plane pilot with this game!

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