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Play the Alvin and the Chipmunks: Super Run game to test your parkour skills! Can you choose the fastest path and reach the end of the course safely?

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Don't miss out on the Alvin and the Chipmunks: Super Run game if you want to experience a thrilling race from rooftops! Are you a fan of the popular urban sport called parkour? If so, you must know that it requires contestants to move from one point to another as fast as they can. Naturally, they'll need to overcome all sorts of obstacles in creative ways. Are you ready to give this adrenaline-filled hobby a try? Join Alvin and the rest of the gang to give it a shot!

This exciting race takes place in a busy city filled with tall buildings. Can you make your way through all 15 levels? You'll need to be very quick and intelligent on the course to gather the necessary stars to move on to the next stage of the game. It won't be easy to ace all the levels of the game! However, it'll also be a lot of fun in the company of Alvin and the Chipmunks!

How to play the game

The beginning of each level consists of an overview of the entire course, starting at the finish line. Take advantage of this moment and plan the fastest route for your parkour hero! Be careful, as some of the paths will make you fall into the abyss. On the other hand, safer alternatives can slow you down a lot. Yikes!

Are you ready to learn how to control Alvin? Luckily, the hero will run and jump automatically. All you need to do is press the Left and Right arrow keys to choose the direction in which your chipmunk hero moves. Doesn't it sound easy as pie?

While playing this game, you'll discover plenty of devices that can help you move faster. You can't miss them, as they feature red and yellow colors! If you want to improve your speed, try your best to run over as many of them as you can. Create combos, and you'll become even more speedy!

Jump, crawl, climb, and use zip lines to reach the finish line! Once you've arrived, the timer is all that matters. The highest score you can achieve is five golden stars. Try your best to get at least four of them if you want to finish the game! The secret is to keep practicing until you find the perfect route. It'll be an adrenaline-raising race!