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About Ninja Code Game

Would you like to be a ninja, and to live your life as a superhero? Now it is more than possible to do it, with the new Ninja Code game. The steps in becoming a ninja are not hard, and all you need to know is how to be the fastest of your friends, how to use your powers to do good, and more than this, you need to have a good heart and help the ones who need you.

Even if it sounds like everything will be all right, you need to know that a ninja has responsibilities too. You need to be ready for any attacks, or for villains who will try to hurt you and the people you care about the most. In the Ninja Code game, the Digital Overlord has corrupted the Ninjago City mainframe, and now it depends on Zane, Cole, Kai, and Jay to save it.

To show everyone what a good ninja you are, you have to use the ninja techno blades to hack into your enemies vehicles. Choose between one of the four Ninjago warriors to fight with him, and go on the adventure of your life.

You have to fight the Overlord`s minions, but be careful not to hurt yourself. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character from one side to another, and the up arrow key to jump. You will attack your enemies by pressing the A key, and the S key will make you use the Spinjitzu powers. When you press the Spacebar key, you will use the super attack, which will make all your enemies die.

Do your best not to fall, or to get hurt because if you lose your life, the game is over and you need to restart the level. The same thing happens when you fall. We wish you good luck and do your best to become a ninja as soon as possible.

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