Master Chen's Labyrinth

Zane is in danger in Ninjago: Master Chen's Labyrinth game. Avoid the obstacles, run as fast as you can, and do whatever it takes to rescue him!

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Sharpen your mind and become the wisest ninja with Ninjago: Master Chen's Labyrinth game. Accept the challenge on Master Chen's Island and help your friend escape before it is too late. Do you think that you have the skills of a real ninja? Do you feel prepared for the adventure of your life? So what are you waiting for?

Zane finds himself on Master Chen's Island. But the danger is surrounding him, as he gets captured by Master Chen in his dangerous labyrinth. Only you can free him from that peculiar prison. All you need to do is to believe in yourself and to act just like a true warrior!

The labyrinth is full of surprises. First of all, you will have to select your favorite ninja to represent you throughout the game. You can choose between Lloyd and Kai. Once the ninja is selected, you will be ready to enter the gates of the tricky maze.

There will be many traps awaiting you inside. Nothing that a strong ninja can't escape from, though. So do not worry and be quick. Let's see how you can do this, specifically. 

Pass all the traps, and save Zane!

Control your ninja using the arrow keys. Point him towards the direction that you want him to follow. Run towards Zane and free him from his captivity. The faster you will be, the more points you will get. So act quickly and prove yourself worthy of the ninja title. Be careful, though. It is not as easy as it might seem.

There are so many obstacles to consider throughout the labyrinth. Beware of the holes in the ground. Make sure you do not fall into them. Just avoid them as smoothly as possible. To cross over the deep dark hole, you can even use the platforms. Use them wisely and carefully because there is always the danger of falling right into the abyss. 

Also, do not walk into the rotating wheels. They might determine you to lose your life as well. And one of the most important things while going on a rescue mission is to avoid getting caught by the guards of the Master. Just run as fast as you can in the opposite direction when you see them approaching. 

Even though it might seem dangerous, the satisfaction of saving your friend is unmeasurable. And taking this risk will be worth it. So start your adventure fearlessly and show us what a great ninja you are.