Rescue from Djinjago

Save Nya from Nadakhan the Djinn in the Rescue from Djinjago game. Collect all of the coins, protect yourself from the danger, and rescue her right now!

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About Rescue from Djinjago Game

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Welcome to another Ninjago adventure. In the Rescue from Djinjago game, another danger surrounds the brave ninjas. And you are the only one that can help the good ninjas save the beautiful princess from the hands of the evil Djinn. Do you feel brave enough to challenge the most dangerous enemy of them all?

Nadakhan, the Djinn, kidnapped the beautiful Nya to Djinjago! His evil plan is to marry her to fulfill an infinite number of wishes. The djinns can never be trusted, can they? Luckily, Nya and the good ninjas have you to the rescue. Can you help Jay to free her from the flying pirate fortress? 

Remember that the land of Djinjago is a rather peculiar one. Many more dangers will await you there, and you might feel more threatened than ever. You should not give up on your goal, though. Remember that everything that you do is for a good cause. And you are brave enough to face the evil. Let’s see what you need to do.

How to save the princess

To protect the beautiful Nya and save her from Nadakhan the Djinn, you will need to learn how to fight first. To help the ninja walk around is quite simple. Control him by using the arrow keys. You can move to the left or the right, in front or backward like this. Once you get the hang of it, it will come naturally.

Another goal here is to collect as many coins as you can on your way towards the castle. The more you get and the fastest you are, the more points you will win.

Be careful, though. Many traps are placed to stop you from reaching the castle. Many spears that can kill you right away, and let’s not forget about the pirates that plan on killing you. You must also be extremely cautious not to fall into the abyss. 

The shuriken stars will tell you how well you did. If you achieve all three of them, then you are truly worthy of becoming the best ninja ever. This is the only way to rescue the princess. So what do you think? Do you have it in you?