Kai is here to teach you the impressive art of Kai-Chi in Ninjago: Kai-Chi game. Watch Kai closely and follow his lead to achieve the ultimate fearlessness!

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Determination, fearlessness, and talent. These are some of the qualities that are required for an excellent ninja. Do you want to achieve them all? Then come along and give Ninjago: Kai-Chi game a try. The world of ninjas need your skills, and this is the perfect place to master them. 

Become Kai’s best friend and see what he has to teach you. The art of Kai-Chi is such a beautiful ninja style. And Kai is here to help you master it. Just follow his lead and learn everything you need to know about this. We promise that you will not regret it. 

It looks just like a dance, but it is so much more. The art of Kai-Chi will help you achieve the inner peace that you have always dreamt of. It is so easy to perform it, yet you will need to be focused and determined at all times. Let’s see what it is all about, shall we?

Master the art of Kai-Chi!

Now that you know what it is all about, you should begin practicing and become the greatest ninja ever. All you need to do is copy the moves of Kai. First of all, watch Kai closely as he performs that art.  Once you have memorized the steps, repeat them precisely as Kai showed. 

You will have four buttons for every possible move. Observe the movements and try to reproduce them afterward in the exact same order as they are shown. The series will continue as soon as you finish with one collection of moves correctly. At the original set, further steps will be added. So train your memory and do not forget the buttons.

If you make mistakes, don’t worry. You have three chances to get it right. Keep your calm, and continue practicing until you get it right. So what do you say? Are you ready to achieve the mental calmness of a true ninja? Wait no longer, and start your training.