Prime Empire

Play the Prime Empire game to go on a thrilling adventure with characters from the Ninjago series! Can you help Jay find his teammates and a way back home?

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About Prime Empire Game

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Get ready for a fascinating journey with the Prime Empire game! You will have the chance to explore a mysterious universe, inspired by the Asian culture. The impressive graphics and immersive music will make this adventure truly unforgettable!

Have you ever wanted to be a ninja? Take on the role of Jay, one of the most talented warriors in the Ninjago universe! He will need to navigate a breathtaking yet dangerous environment, find out where he is, and get back home. Moreover, his teammates are also lost in this strange realm. You will meet many characters that will help you along the way, like Cole and Master Okino. Lend Jay a helping hand and get him back home safely! 

How to Play

The game consists of three fun levels. Are you ready to explore a creepy forest, icy peaks, and other dangerous backdrops? You will start as a lost ninja in an unfamiliar realm. Get familiar with the controls and start exploring!

Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to move Jay. If you want to jump on top of something, all you need to do is press the Up Arrow. Beware, as there are no double jumps in this game! Therefore, you need to take advantage of every object in the scene to get where you want to go. For instance, you should look for boulders and maneuver them to help you reach high places.

Look out! There are traps everywhere. Bridges that seem safe can collapse in a moment, and rolling boulders can hurt you at any point. Can you preserve your health until you reach the next checkpoint? Watch out for obstacles and try your best to get to the blue arcade icon before your four health points are depleted!

What else you should know

Are you ready to fight? As you are playing a ninja game, you should expect to face some fierce enemies. Can you believe that most of the time, you will need to fight multiple enemies at once? Some of them will even fly on jetpacks and shoot at you from the sky. Press the Left Mouse Button to draw your double katanas, then click again to start fighting!

Did you notice the icon in the top right corner of the screen? You can fill up the tornado bar by landing as many hits as you can. Once all the four bars are white, you can click on the tornado icon to unleash an incredibly powerful attack. How cool!

Can you uncover the mystery and reunite all your teammates? Discover the true nature of the strange realm you have landed in and collect all three Key-Tanas to get out! Only a strong and skilled Ninjago warrior can succeed. Stop hesitating and start playing to become a powerful ninja!