What are the most popular Ninjago Games?

  1. Ninjago Rush
  2. Ninjago Skybound
  3. Ninjago Possession
  4. Return of the Oni
  5. Tournament of the Brave
  6. Chen's Return
  7. Prime Empire
  8. In No Man's Land
  9. Spinjitzu Snakedown
  10. Swamp-Arena

What are the best Ninjago Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Return of the Oni
  2. Tournament of the Brave
  3. Chen's Return
  4. Prime Empire
  5. In No Man's Land

How to play Ninjago Games without Flash?

While the Adobe Flash Player Plugin is no longer supported, you can still access the Flash content on NuMuKi. Just download and install our custom NuMuKi Browser App. Then, you'll be able to play all your favorite Ninjago Games using the app. That's it!

Get ready to experience the Ninjago Island!

Join the bravest warriors in the LEGO universe with the Ninjago games! If you are a fan of Asian culture and ninjas, you'll undoubtedly enjoy this magical realm. Ever since its launch in 2011, the LEGO Ninjago series has captured the hearts of fans. Young and old, boys or girls, everybody seems to love this series! Why is that?

To begin with, the LEGO Ninjago universe is a unique mix of Asian and modern culture. Do you enjoy ancient ninja weapons? Are you a fan of fast and impressive vehicles? Then, you're in luck! This computer-animated series combines the best of both worlds. For instance, you will encounter huge mechanical dragons and awesome robots. Doesn't that sound cool?

Besides, the story behind the Ninjago games is very enticing. It centers around a team of young, yet talented ninjas. What makes them so special? They have been training for years under the watchful eye of Master Wu. The wise Sensei has taught Cole, Zane, Jay, Kai, Lloyd, and Nya how to control the powers of Sprinjitzu. However, it's up to them to master the Elements and fight against those who wish to conquer their land. Will they succeed? The answer is only up to you.

The Wu-Cru is the best in the Ninjago games!

Get ready to meet six of the most skilled ninjas! Their impressive Sprinjitzu technique is owed to Master Wu's training. You can get a taste of their awesome powers with the Ninjago Rush game.

Firstly, let's meet Cole! When he first encountered Wu, he lacked purpose. Even though his skills were impressive, he wasn't able to control them. However, now things are incredibly different! In fact, this Earth ninja is one of the most focused members of the team.

Next, let's move on to Zane! This Ice ninja truly has an icy personality as well. At first sight, he can seem quite shy and strange. Nevertheless, he is loyal, polite, respectful, and extremely powerful. Don't let appearances fool you!

Enough with the solemn atmosphere! Jay, who harnesses the power of Lightning, is the one who always puts a smile on everybody's faces. Don't be fooled, though, as his skills are no joke! As a matter of fact, he is one of the most powerful characters of the Ninjago Island. Do you want to experience his great powers? Try the Ninjago Skybound game!

Who is that hot-headed warrior? It's Kai, the Ninja of Fire! Just like his title suggests, he can be impulsive, overconfident, and even selfish. However, his courage, passion, and kind heart make him a great ninja!

Heroism is not just for boys! Nya is the perfect example that girls can be powerful and independent. This is why she named herself Samurai X, master of Water. What sets her apart is her incredible determination. You should also know that she is Kai's sister and Jay's crush.

Last but not least, meet Lloyd, the Green Ninja! Even if he started as a mischievous child, he soon became a strong and calm teenager. Aren't his powers impressive?

Defend humanity from the forces of evil!

Many strange forces threaten the balance of Ninjago Island. With great power comes great responsibility. Therefore it's the Wu-crew's job to protect this magical realm. However, there are so many factions of villains! How will they manage to defeat them all?

Are you afraid of snakes? I hope not! The Serpentine is an ancient race of reptilian humanoids who once ruled the entire realm of Ninjago. However, the battles between the different factions have forced all the tribes to unite in a war against humans. What makes them so fearsome is the fact that they are vicious and warlike creatures, who measure everything in terms of power. It's going to be tough to defeat them! 

What is more, each tribe of Serpentines has an extraordinary power that makes them a formidable foe. For example, the Hypnobrai can control the minds of their opponents with a single glance. The key to defeating them is to avoid eye contact or break their focus. Can you succeed? Play the Spinjitzu Snakedown game to find out.

Are you frightened already? Gather your courage, because you are about to meet Morro, one of the most feared villains on Ninjago Island. Did you know that he was Master Wu's first student? However, he joined the forces of evil when he realized that he wasn't destined to be the Green Ninja. 

Even though he used to be free-spirited and determined as a young Ninja, jealousy, and rage got the best of this supervillain. Lend the Wu-crew a hand in defeating him in the Fallen Ninja Game!

There are many more exciting stories to learn and foes to defeat in the Ninjago games. Like a true ninja, you will need training and determination!

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