In the Land of Dragons

Accompany the Ninjago heroes In the Land of Dragons game. Free the trapped dragons, fight your enemies, and show the world what a great master you are!

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Dragons have always been the best friends of the characters from the Ninjago series. And now, you can help them evolve and create an even stronger relationship between the masters and their dragons. So come along and play In the Land of Dragons game. Allow yourself to discover the challenges of a land filled with powerful dragons.

So many possibilities surround you in this amazing land. The dragons are in danger, though. They have been threatened by evil forces. These forces want to steal power from the lovely dragons and use them to conquer the world. The dragons are trapped and can not escape their cages alone. 

This is where you come along. You have to help the dragons escape their cages. Ride your fearless fire dragon and defeat the forces of evil once and for all, before they take over the kingdom.

You will need to be brave and willing to achieve your goals. Without determination, the enemies will destroy your dragons. Do not be afraid, though. Your wild companion will be there to help you every step of the way.

How to Play

Let's join the battle and learn how to defeat the evil enemies. First of all, you must understand the ways you can control the flight of your dragon. With this in mind, use the arrow keys to move your dragon around the kingdom. Once you master the movements of the dragon, try to exit the citadel by breathing fire over the closed gates.

Remember that you ride a strong fire dragon. Use its fire to protect yourself from the enemies and to open the locked gates of the city. All you need to do is to press the spacebar whenever you want to use the fire of your fearless dragon.

It seems quite easy, does it not? Well, you can do everything that you want. Just be thoughtful and patient.

Be careful and pay attention to the enemies that might attack you from around the corner. You might not even see where they come from. Fight them with your fire and try to escape their attacks, if possible. Do not let them deviate you from your task.

What else you should know

And remember that your purpose is to free the trapped dragons. The green arrow will direct you towards the places where their cages can be found.

You will need to stay above the cage for as long as it takes to break it. This way, you will free the dragon that is trapped within. It might seem easy, but while you stay above the cage, you might get attacked by your enemies. Try to escape their attacks while returning to the cage. You've got this.

Once you freed all of the dragons from one level, you will be rewarded with a few coins. Use these rewards to evolve your dragon and become even stronger than before. Increase its life, strengthen its skills, and train it to become a better fighter.

Are you ready for this? Do not keep the land of dragons waiting. It needs your protection right now!