Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-Gang

The most exciting motorcycle chase is waiting for you in Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-Gang game. Drive fast and take back the Oni-mask from Ultra-Violet!

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About Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-Gang Game

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Do you love the adrenaline pumping through your veins and the feeling you get when you ride a motorcycle? Do you have an appetite for adventure? Well, then Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-Gang game is the perfect challenge for you. Solve the issue and save the world from the evilest Lord by playing this game.

Ultra-Violet has stolen one of the precious Oni masks. She wants to use it to bring Lord Garmadon back to life. Your job is to get it back to where it belongs before it is too late. And how will you do that? It is easy! All you need to do is to ride your motorcycle. Remember that you will need to be the fastest one around.

Join your favorite ninjas in this incredible motorcycle chase. Play as Lloyd and try to get to where Ultra-Violet is. Be careful, though. You might encounter some of your motorcycle friends on the way. And you will also have to overtake some cars. It is really intriguing, is it not? Let's see what you need to do to save the day.

Ride the motorcycle like a ninja

If you love to speed up, you have come to the right place. You should know that there are three levels of speed. You will firstly ride your motorcycle at 100 kilometers an hour, then at 200 kilometers an hour. Finally, if you are determined enough, you can even unlock the level of 300 kilometers an hour.

You will travel extremely fast. Faster than any car or motorcycle around you. So this is why you need to pay attention and act quickly. Press the Right and Left arrow keys to change the traffic lanes and avoid the cars in front of you. Do not bump into them, because this will slow you down. And you do not afford to waste any time like this. 

The dots on the upper corners of the screen will show you how close you are to Ultra-Violet and the mask. Also, you can see how many of your comrades ride between her and Lloyd. Lloyd will be represented by the green dot, Ultra-Violet by an intense purple, and the comrades by the orange color. Avoid the comrades and catch Ultra-Violet before she does anything evil. 

What do you think? Do you feel ready for the adventure of your lifetime? Do you want to speed up around town and kick some evildoers? Grab your motorcycle, and let's go!