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Be a real dragon master in LEGO Ninjago: Dragon Battle game. Protect the city, kill all of the enemies, and collect all the fireballs on your way!

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Have you ever wondered how it is to train a fierce dragon? Wonder no more because in Lego Ninjago: Dragon Battle game you get to be the master of all the dragons. The ninjas need you right now! Defend the city from all the enemies with the help of your mighty dragon!

Every ninja has a mystical creature by their side. And yours can be an actual dragon. The dragons are excellent buddies, but besides that, their fire can be used as a weapon against evil enemies. This feature comes in handy right now because the city is under attack. 

Get on your dragon’s back and protect the city with everything that you have. Do not fear your enemies. You have your dragon to protect you now. So what do you say? Are you ready to face the evil forces and fight as hard as you can? Then let’s find out how you can help.

A dragon master needs determination, strength, and besides everything, he needs excellent skills in the art of dragon training. This is what you are going to learn here. You will need to know how to move the dragon, how to make him shoot fire, and how to target the enemies.

How to train your dragon!

First of all, moving your dragon around is quite simple. Just use your arrow keys and direct him towards the evildoers. As soon as they notice your dragon, they will start surrounding it. Stay calm and do not run, because you have the power to kill them all. 

Left-click on your mouse to help your dragon shoot fireballs. You will begin with only one red fireball, but as you kill more enemies, you will receive more weapons. Just make sure you collect them all once you see them. Every enemy has a particular value of points. So the more you kill, the more points you will receive.

Be careful, though. The red enemies are harder to kill and require two fireballs to vanish. Stick to it until they are gone and win the points. Every warrior has a particular value of points. So the more you kill, the more points you will receive. Make sure they do not get to you. Because if they harm you, your life will decrease and you will have to start again.

So will you accept the challenge and train your dragon? Protect the city from evil and show us what you are truly capable of.