Snake Tribes

Help defeat the foes in the Snake Tribes game! Separate all the reptile warriors into categories to win a grueling battle and protect the Ninjago heroes!

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Try the Snake Tribes game if you think you have an agile eye and a swift hand! These attributes are some of the most valued qualities of a Ninjago warrior. Now you have the chance to put your abilities to the test in a confrontation against terrifying enemies. Did you know that the Serpentines are some of the most dangerous foes in the Ninjago Universe? Gather your courage and face them yourself!

As you might know by now, the Serpentines form many tribes. Each one of them yields a different dangerous power. Your mission is to separate them into the four main casts: Vipers, Cobras, Boas, and Poisonous Snakes. Do it as fast as you can for as long as you can to win!

How to Play

Your only Ninja tool for this game is your cursor. There are four slots at the center of the screen that will fill up with snakes. Click on one of them, then drag it to the symbol of its tribe above to make it disappear. It sounds easy as pie! However, the pace increases as you advance within the game. Keep up!

Beware! If too many snakes crowd up on the screen, you'll lose the game. Therefore, you should hurry up and categorize all the enemies on the screen as fast as you can. Does the serpentine you have selected belong to the Hypnocobras, the Bitingvipers, the Constrictorboas, or the Poisonsnakes? Use the color of their armor and weapons to figure it out. Black, Red, Blue, and Green are the hues you should notice!

There are multiple types of warriors in each tribe. Some are worth 10 points, while others will bring you 20. Collect as many of them as you can to reach a high score! However, be careful! The more points you gather, the quicker the snakes will appear.

Develop your speed and attention to detail with this fun challenge! It will help you become as fast a true Ninjago warrior!