Ice Dragon Attack

Protect the city from the evildoers in LEGO Ninjago: Ice Dragon Attack game. Aim towards the enemies and hit them with the shuriken to take them all down!

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There is no tool that a true and worthy ninja can not master. In Ninjago: Ice Dragon Attack game, the most valuable weapon will be the shuriken. And you will need to learn how to use it before the enemies attack the city and take the Ice Dragon away from you. 

Get prepared and do not fear your enemies, no matter how many they are. Your collection of weapons will be here, no matter what. Prove that you are truly worthy of your ninja title and protect the town at all costs! Do you think you can do it?

The army of the enemy is quite numerous. But so are your shuriken weapons. And once you gain enough power, the Ice Dragon will be there to vanish all of the enemies left in front of you. But are you determined enough? Let us see what skills you possess. 

Use your weapons like a worthy ninja!

First of all, you will need to learn how to use your weapons properly. Whenever you see an enemy, aim towards him using your arrow keys and then throw the shuriken by pressing the “A” button. If you do not aim well enough, you might miss the target, and the enemies will get closer to you. 

Make sure that you will prevent this from happening. Because once an enemy has reached you, there is no turning back. You will lose a life. In the beginning, you will be given three chances. If you lose them all, you will have to restart the game. So just aim as well as you can and hit them fast before they get to you. 

Some enemies will be harder to eliminate. But when you manage to destroy them, you will receive a certain amount of coins. The enemies that you kill, plus the coins that you gain will increase your power. When the power bar is full, press the “S” button to create an ice Dragon attack and destroy the enemies left in front of you. 

Every level will have a certain amount of missions. One mission means one enemy killed adequately and honorably. Solve all of the tasks and finish every level without getting yourself into trouble.

So what do you say? Do you feel ready for the adventure of your life? Do you think you have what it takes to protect the city? Grab your shuriken, and let’s begin!