The enemies can be right around the corner in the Swamp-Arena game. Fight them by using your sword and your ability to bend the time before it's too late!

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Kai has the ultimate goal once again. He needs to defeat all of the enemies and take back the castle in the Swamp-Arena game. There are many traps and obstacles, though. Will he be able to accomplish his mission and take back the property that belongs to the ninjas? Of course, he will. But he needs your help. Can you offer him the necessary support?

The world of ninjas is quite fascinating, we know. And even though there are many dangers and challenges, the things that follow are quite rewarding. A ninja can never do everything by himself, though. And this is why you need to come along and help Kai out. Only with your tricks, he will be able to defeat the evil monsters that want to destroy the world.

Come and protect the castle and the swamp. Fight in the most challenging environment and show the world what you are capable of. Beware of the traps and destroy the enemies using the most effective weapon: the time. Do you want to discover how to do that? Let's see together and begin our adventure. 

Change the time in the ninja swamp!

To defeat all of the enemies and save the castle, you will need to learn the special tricks of the game. First of all, keep in mind that you can move Kai around the arena using the arrow keys. Fight by pressing the sword button or by pressing the Spacebar. The monsters can be coming towards you from every corner. Just protect yourself and beware.

If the evil enemies get to you and injure Kai, you can regain your health by eating the incredibly delicious bowl of ramen. You will find it every time you kill an enemy.

Do not let the traps and weapons get you, though. There is no bowl of ramen to protect you from dying there. So you should watch out for the pitfalls as well, not just for the enemies.

In the arena, you will find many objects that might help you control and gain some more time. You can activate them by pressing the Shift button. You can stop the time with the red square, turn back the time by using the yellow square, or even travel to the future with the blue square. Using the green square, you will help Kai jump through time. Your enemies will never know what is coming.

So what do you think? Do you feel prepared for it?