Tournament of the Brave

Join a multiplayer ninja battle in the Ninjago: Tournament of the Brave game! Choose a character, play against your friends, and be the strongest fighter!

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About Tournament of the Brave Game

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Get ready to fight until you're the last one standing in the Tournament of the Brave game! If you ever wanted to become a ninja, this is the game for you. Join the Ninjago warriors and travel to an unknown and mysterious new universe together!

Just like any classic PvP action game, your job is to play against other challengers until you have defeated all of them. The enemies are all real people, so gather your friends and see who will become the winner! Choose your favorite character to play as and begin the fight. Only the best ninja will win!

How to Play 

The challenge is very straight-forward, but you still have to understand the basics. To move around the map, you have to press the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you get close to your enemies, you can use your mouse and left-click on the screen to throw some sharp ninja stars towards them!

Before the fun starts, all you have to do is choose which character you want to be. You can pick from many of your favorite ninjas, such as Jay, Cole, Zane, and others. After you've made your choice, just click play, wait for your 5 opponents to join, and begin the fight! 

The more you play, the more your skills will improve! As you become a better ninja, you will keep earning points in the arena. You can use them to unlock some exclusive characters to play as Ultra Violet, Harumi, Acronix, or Machia. Keep playing, and don't forget to redeem your rewards!

What else you should know

As you walk around the arena, you will notice some weapons on the ground. If you pick them up, you can temporarily use a katana, nunchucks, or other cool ninja tools! They will be stronger than your default weapon, so make sure to use them to their full potential! 

If you find yourself cornered, there is a way for you to defeat multiple enemies at once. If you step on the glowing circles on the ground, they will always trigger a trap that will aid you in battle! Sometimes it'll be arrows or even a hole the others can fall in. It'll surely help you escape a problematic situation!

If your health drops to 0, don't worry! Each character gets respawned in seconds, so try to always be prepared! Aim to be the last one standing and keep up the fight! 

Are you ready to join the tournament? Join the Ninjago warriors and play against your friends in this tough multiplayer competition! Only the best will win!