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About Four Paths Game

Imagine that you are a big fighter, and the world depends on you when someone needs to save it. To become the best, and everyone to love you, you need to practice very much, and never to give up on your path. Only in this way you can become a true Ninjago fighter. You have the chance to learn a little bit about the Ninjago life in the Four Paths game.

During this game, you will be a Ninjago who tries to survive different attacks from the forces of nature. You will need to fight against them, and beat them to gain more points. As the name of the game says, you will have to follow four different paths. The first path is the fire dash. On this path, you have to use your mouse to move from one side to the other one, to avoid the fiery sparks. You need to collect all the coins that come in your way, to make your score grow. The next path is the rocky road. During this time, you have to use your mouse to jump from ledge to ledge, and to avoid the rocks and cactuses. If you fall, the level ends, and you will lose all your life. The third path that you are going to follow is the flash dance. Here you need to do the same thing as in the first level, but the difference is that you need to avoid electrical sparks. Collect coins for a good final score, and do your best to keep your life meter full. The last path is the slippery slope. Here you need to climb again, but you will confront ice, and a slippery surface. Jump on top of the sheep for an extra boost, and collect all the golden coins.

Be careful at your life meter. You will see it on the low side of your screen. When it is empty, the level ends. After each level, you can see the score for the path where you were playing. Do your best to have a good score for all the paths, and you will become a real Ninjago soon enough.

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