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Try the Ninjago Rush game for a thrilling experience! Can you go through a true ninja tournament? Jump, climb and fight your way to victory!

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Are you ready for a real challenge? Then give the Ninjago Rush game a try! Sensei Wu has a lot in store for you, in the setting of a truly breathtaking background - the wild jungle! You get to experience the life of a true ninja, by completing difficult tasks to enhance your skills and get ready for the most demanding tournament you can imagine!

What is more, your favorite Ninjago characters will accompany you through this journey - Jay, Lloyd, Cole, Kai, and Zane. They will teach you everything they know so that you can become the best ninja! Be careful! You have a surprise in store: you will race them in the final phase of the tournament!

The game consists of three different parts: the initial training, the tournament, and the Temple on the Haunted Hill. However, you can't just go through them at random! Completing the training process gives you access to the other two challenges and helps you become a winner!

How to Play

Thankfully, the controls are intuitive and straightforward, and they remain the same throughout the three stages of the game. Moving your character is as simple as pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard. To attack, all you need to do is press the space key. See? Easy as pie.

As you very well know, the first step towards becoming a skilled ninja is training. Sensei Wu will give you five different challenges, designed to develop all the essential abilities for a fierce warrior. Each level consists of controlling a different ninja through a perilous decorum: the unpredictable jungle. You have to navigate this dangerous labyrinth, complete with many obstacles and traps: spikes, swamps, crystal balls, and collapsing bridges.

But wait, that's not all! Menacing rattlesnakes and rival warriors are waiting for you at every corner! The goal of each level is acquiring a skill: Jai will teach you the benefits of speed, Lloyd will help you become the master of jumps, Kai will help you with your strength, Zane will turn you into a real climber and Cole will teach you about preserving your health. 

Complete each of the levels and collect the Jade Blades - a maximum of three per level. The blades allow you to move forward towards the tournament or the temple. Don't worry if you don't manage to collect them all on your first try! You can always replay a level and discover new ways to reach them!

Compete in the Tournament!

After completing the training stages with the five skilled ninjas, it's time to compete against them in a spirited tournament. In the beginning, you get to customize your very own ninja, from the color of the uniform to the elemental power. Skills such as speed and strength are based on the results of your training sessions.

After you have designed your character, it's time to race! The route of the race is a combination of the most exciting elements of your training levels - from slides to snakes, stairs, and moving platforms. You can see your position and those of your competitors at any time by glancing at the bar in the top middle of the screen. Be the fastest ninja in the jungle to win!

If you manage to collect nine jade blades, you unlock an even more exciting challenge, set in a terrifying temple on a haunted hill. Luckily, you once again get to customize your character according to your preferences.

You find yourself locked inside the temple and you only have until sunrise to get out! You start the game with four green hearts, displayed in the top left part of the screen. These are a measure of your health, so be careful! You lose one every time you get hit or fall inside a trap!

No matter what you do, be fast! The clock is ticking, and unless you manage to finish the labyrinth before the time runs out, you are stuck there forever!

So do you think you have what it takes to be the best ninja? They say that a good student can surpass his teacher, so show Sensei Wu what you are made of!

Outdo Jay, Cole, Kai and the rest of the crew and become the ultimate winner of the tournament!