Morro Attacks

Play the Morro Attacks game to embark on a breathtaking battle with the Ninjago warriors! Can you drive their ship and beat their terrifying archnemesis?

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About Morro Attacks Game

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Don't miss out on the Morro Attacks game if you want to go on a wild adventure with the Ninjago warriors! Kay, Jai, Cole, Zane, and Sensei Wu are on their battleship, trying to fend off attacks from Morro. This villain is one of the most powerful and evil ones in the series. Did you know that he can control the power of the wind? His mission to revive the last ninja and steal his powers. Yikes! Help them out!

This exciting adventure consists of three sections that repeat periodically. You'll need to ace all of them to defeat Morro, the terrifying opponent in this challenge. Whether you use your phone screen or your keyboard, you'll have a ton of fun and improve your agility with this challenge!

How to Play

As you might know by now, Morro is a Master of the Wind. Therefore, he uses its power to take down the ninjas and make them fall from the ship. Help them keep their balance by pressing the Left and Right arrow keys or press on the appropriate buttons on the screen. Keep tapping them to regain your balance!

If you aren't quick enough, you'll lose one of your beloved Ninjago warriors. If all the ninjas are lost, you'll have to restart the challenge. Therefore, you start this game with five lives. Take good care of them!

Every once in a while, you'll need to defend the ship from Morro's menacing attacks. His powers are so mighty that only the ship's shield can withstand them. However, you'll have to pick the exact right moment to activate it! Click on the S button or press it on the keyboard! Now, watch the shield go up!

Are you ready to channel the ninja forces to hit Morro? Luckily, the warriors have impressive skills that they can use to deal out a lot of damage. Activate them by pressing the A key or click on the right button on the screen. Try it out and watch the Ninjago skills in action! You'll have a blast trying to beat your previous records and get a place on the high score list!

With enough practice, you'll be able to get rid of the evil Morro once and for all!