Rise of the Nindroids

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Play Rise of the Nindroids

About Rise of the Nindroids Game

Welcome to the Ninjago world. You will meet here all kind of people, who can be your friends or your enemies. The best person in the Ninjago world is Sensei Wu. He is also the oldest person from there, and the most wisdom. Sensei helps the Ninjago warriors any time they need, and he is like a father to them. Unfortunately, Sensei Wu is in trouble now, and it depends on Kai, Zane, Cole, and Jay to save him from the Digital Overlord. The Nindroids took Sensei as a prisoner, and now he cannot escape. You need to help the Ninjago warriors save him in the Rise of the Nindroids game.

During the game, you will swap between the four heroes to battle the Nindroids warriors, and to unleash the power of the Techno Blades. Using your Ninja powers, you will be able to battle your way through the puzzling platform levels. Sensei`s spirit will be with you all the time to guide you on your way. Listen to his advice if you want to survive longer, and save him at the end of the game.

There are two ways to control your ninja warrior. The first way is to use the left, and right arrow keys to move, the up arrow key to jump, and the down arrow key to crouch. To use your weapons, you can press the Spacebar key on your keyboard. The second way to control the ninja warrior is to use the A and D keys to move from left to right, the W key to jump, the S key to crouch, and the E key to attack. Both ways are good to use. If you press the W key or the Up arrow key for two times in a row, you will execute a double jump. It can be useful when you meet obstacles on your way. Collect all the bonuses you see on your way, to get points. Good luck!

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