Ninjago Skybound

Put your ninja skills to the test with the Ninjago Skybound game! Save your friends from the sky pirates and defeat their leader in this thrilling game!

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About Ninjago Skybound Game

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Do you value strength over stealth, or would you rather use a combination of both? The Ninjago Skybound game is sure to help you find out. Get to practice your stealth, cunning, agility, and precision while completing the quest of a lifetime!

Controlling the swift and quick-witted Jay, you have to save your friends, which were taken captive by the menacing sky pirates. Their leader, Djinn Nadakhan, has a spine-chilling plan: he wants to destroy the Ninjago world and use the lego parts to rebuild his kingdom! You need to defeat him and his terrifying Djin Blade by finding the rare Tiger Widow venom to save your friends and the entire Lego universe!

Enjoy the exciting, colorful design, which complements the exotic background perfectly. Your adventure will also be accompanied by energetic music to ensure that you get completely immersed in the fascinating world of Eastern Asian myths and culture!

How to Play

The game consists of 12 platform levels of increasing difficulty. You navigate the levels using a simple one-touch/click control mechanism. All you need to do to move is click on your desired location. The same goes for attacking enemies, hiding behind objects, or climbing. Jumping is just as easy: click and drag to adjust the angle and landing point.

As you complete each level, you should make a point to collect all the stars and earn as many studs as you can. You can use the accumulated studs at the end of each level to purchase ninja weapons or upgrade your existing ones. The items can grant you new skills, such as climbing, in the case of the ninja hook, or melee attack, for the throwing star. Access the Shop by clicking on the button on the right side of the main menu. 

Being a skilled ninja can also earn you special achievements, such as the Two-faced Takedown or Ninja Universe. Check out the ones you have already gained and set goals to collect even more by clicking on the Achievements button right above the Shop.

Choose a good game strategy!

Now, to the most difficult yet exciting aspect: strategy. The game is designed in a manner that gives you two different gameplay options: stealth or strength. Each of the two approaches has its pros and cons, so consider each possibility carefully. You can even try to balance both and create your own take on each mission! The enemies you encounter have a line of sight, which will turn from red to grey if they spot you.

One approach would be simply clicking on them and defeat them directly, using a powerful weapon. Going for the straightforward approach is usually a faster way of leveling up, but keep in mind that you will need items to upgrade your health and attack power. You can check on your health status by glancing at the red hearts on the right side of the screen.

However, you can also sneak around your foes and ambush them. Stealth attacks deal more damage but require quite a lot of patience and skill.

Remember, you can only hide behind objects highlighted in green! Each stealth action that you perform fills up the blue bar in the top middle of the screen. Click on the blue button once it gets filled up to fly and collect studs. Be careful! Every time the enemy spots you, you lose stealth points.

Are you ready to put your ninja skills to the test? Do you think you can face your enemies with wisdom and courage? Find out the answer to these questions while enjoying this thrilling game! The concept, design, and unique atmosphere are sure to draw you in and keep you glued to the keyboard for hours!