What are the most popular Build-A-Bear Games?

  1. Fluffed & Fabulous
  2. Pie Eating Contest
  3. Build-A-Monster
  4. Pack Your Pack
  5. Bear Jammin' Jukebox
  6. Beary Scary Halloween
  7. Baseball Bears: Batting Challenge
  8. The Love Nest
  9. Black Lab Screen Pal
  10. Border Collie Screen Pal

What are the best Build-A-Bear Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Fluffed & Fabulous
  2. Build-A-Monster
  3. Pack Your Pack
  4. Bear Jammin' Jukebox
  5. Beary Scary Halloween

Meet the cutest teddy bears in the world!

Don't miss out on the Build-A-Bear Workshop Games if you need to hang out with some cuddly pals! This category is inspired by the famous American retailer with the same name.

Founded in 1997, the company stood out thanks to its unique basic idea. More precisely, they let young clients create teddy bears according to their taste. They can switch up the color, body parts, and even the clothing of your new teddy bear pal. What a great idea!

Allowing kids to customize their toys to their taste became a recipe for success. Giving kids the freedom to imagine their own bear pal develops their creativity! Besides, it gives them power and helps them discover what makes them unique.

As a result, parents everywhere love the company and all the merchandise around it, including the games. Try it yourself!

How does the Build-A-Bear Workshop spirit translate to the games? They focus on giving kids confidence. As a result, they can decide how they play and who their pals are. Not many games provide so much freedom! If you give them a try, you'll meet fluffy teddy bear friends.

Besides, the bears always are up to fun activities. If you want to join them, you'll learn and practice many skills! It sounds like a fun and educational activity!

Befriend the heroes of Build-A-Bear Workshop games!

Given that each kid can create their own best friend with Build-A-Bear, there aren't many pre-made teddies in this world. However, you have to meet the mascot and main hero! His name is Bearemy, and he's one of the friendliest bears you'll ever meet.

As far as his looks go, you'll find him pretty average. Bearemy has brown fur, black eyes, fluffy paws, and kind features. If you decide to join him in his daily activities, you'll learn to do anything on your own.

For instance, help Bearemy go through his morning routine in the Fluffed & Fabulous game. Even the most boring activities become fun with him!

On the other hand, some of Bearemy's activities become fantastical and imaginative adventures. He takes on different roles and uses whimsical accessories to change his look. That's what makes Build-A-Bear Workshop games one-of-a-kind!

Using a variety of clothes and body parts, your teddy bear can become whomever you want. For example, a cape and a funky hairstyle will turn your friend into a superhero. What is more, with a hat and a cape, a plain-looking teddy bear can become a witch. Try the Build-A-Monster game to create many fantastical looks for the protagonist of this series!

Learn about sports, arts, and much more!

In the company of your custom-made teddy bear, any learning activity becomes a thrilling journey. Depending on your talents and interests, you can explore and practice whatever you want. Start playing with them and you will learn, discover the world around you, and gain skills any kid should have! How fun!

History is one of the most fascinating yet complicated subjects in school. Many kids get scared by the many dates and foreign names. However, you can get a new outlook with the games in this category! The Build-A-Bears will dress up in historical costumes and play roles in a fun scene.

As you can imagine, learning history is much more practical and fun this way! For example, try The First Thanksgiving 1621 game to learn about the origins of the most well-known American holidays!

Are you a sporty person? Even if you're not the most athletic, you'll surely enjoy the sporty events in these games. The best part is that you don't need any equipment! As a result, you can learn the basic rules of many sports and even practice basic moves.

Even better is that you can do it from home! For instance, you can try America's favorite sport with the Baseball Bears: Batting Challenge game!

In conclusion, you can learn, play, and become better with the Build-A-Bear Workshop games! Despite the simple idea of this category, there's a wide variety of skills you can pick up by playing. Thanks to the charming stories and colorful design, you'll spend hours with the bears.

Meet Bearemy and his pals, then head out on fun adventures with the Build-A-Bear heroes!

There are currently 28 free online Build-A-Bear games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.