Beary Scary Halloween

Play the Beary Scary Halloween game and explore the haunted house on the scariest night of the year! Complete the challenges and find the sweet treasure!

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About Beary Scary Halloween Game

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Explore the haunted house on top of the Bear Hill and find the sweet treasure deep within it in the Beary Scary Halloween game! An old legend talks about the hidden honey pot in one of the house's rooms. This delicious treat is a favorite of every bear! Can you take on this adventure and find the treasure?

The Build-A-Bear series proposes a spooky game that requires special skills! Your job is to play all the minigames and venture into the haunted house to find the secret honey pot. Try to pass through every room after completing the challenges and reach the one that contains the treasure. Become the bravest bear, and don't let any obstacles scare you!

How to Play

This game contains multiple minigames that you can play only with the help of your mouse. Each has its own set of instructions and will require a new set of skills. Once you finish one of the minigames, you can find the next one by guiding the bear to the next room. Reach the last one and discover the secret passage!

The haunted house is full of fun challenges you can participate in to find the treasure. Here are some of them:

- Bobbing for Apples: bite the required amount of apples before the time runs out

- Monster Chase: avoid Frankenbear at all costs and gather the candy scattered around the room

- Pumpkin Patch: find the hidden monsters behind the pumpkins and match the pairs

Once you've cleared all the games, you will enter the last room, which doesn't have a door! What can you do in this situation? Search the room for clues and try to find a way out. There must be a key somewhere to open the shiny chest! The treasure is waiting for you, so try paying attention!

Enjoy a fun Halloween adventure with these themed minigames! Will you be able to complete them all and reach your goal?

What else you should know

With every completed challenge, you will receive a secret password! You can use the word any time you want to skip one of the minigames and move on to the next room. That's a pretty neat trick!

If the pace of the minigames is a bit too quick for you, don't worry about it! Bears don't need to hurry! You can always go back and select the difficulty and the amount of time you need to finish the challenge successfully!

So are you ready to take on these spooky challenges and show off your skills! The shiny and delicious golden treasure awaits you!